We're proud of creating and managing some of the most significant public education and social marketing campaigns that helped change public perceptions and drive positive change. 

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We led and managed the first of its kind national public education campaign on depression. The campaign was replicated in 40 top media markets with chapters serving as effective local campaigns. We engaged leading organizations, former First Ladies Tipper Gore and Rosalynn Carter and the National Mental Health Institute (NIMH) to serve as partners and champions.

Messages were carefully designed to counter stigma and the myths surrounding mental illnesses, with an effective “call to action.”  Educational programs were implemented with AARP, the National Council of Women Business Owners, Society for Human Resource Managers, and the Congressional Black Caucus, featuring personal stories of hope that resonated with the faith community, women, seniors and businesses.  


  • Generated media stories on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, CSPAN, in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Vogue, Glamour, Shape and others  
  • Launched national report on the “Economic Burden of Depression” with Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
  • Built a coalition of over 20 national organizations
  • Managed 40 state campaigns, conducting educational and media events
  • Helped launch National Depression Screening Day
  • Changed the public view of depression, leading to millions seeking help and treatment
  • Replicated the campaign in Ireland and Australia

We've helped government agencies design and launch successful public education efforts including partnerships with private sector organizations, and national and local media events including: