Reilly Group creates public affairs and corporate social responsibility programs to advance client’s goals and drive results. Program success and sustainability are a result of our ability to analyze the environment, provide the right tools and education, and bring stakeholders together to solve pressing problems -- improving the quality of life for communities. 

We developed and co-lead Community Conversations on Alzheimer’s, a signature public affairs initiative launched in major US cities positioning our client as innovative leaders and catalyzing positive outcomes.


  • Collaborated with 500+ leading advocacy organizations, academic research centers, legislators and government in 10 major US cities
  • Trained over 20K health professionals
  • Generated over a million dollars in grant funding
  • Launched county and state-wide sustained policy initiatives in San Francisco, San Jose, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Miami going strong two years later
  • Created 2.0 version that will expand to ten new US cities
  • Received commendations from the Centers for Disease Control, national organizations, and state governments


Breast cancer survivors are one of the highest users of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). As the leading breast cancer organization in the world, Komen was eager to address the issue with science-based information and education to the millions of women they served.

We helped them navigate and understand the burgeoning market of these “therapies” and outline a strategic plan going forward.

We conducted market research with patients, held advisory boards with opinion leaders, and conducted a thorough review of the scientific literature. We provided a detailed roadmap on the CAM education they should provide, programs to develop and why, and the research priorities to fund. 


  • Created dedicated education portal on CAM therapies for breast cancer survivors

  • Funded and launched research on top therapies

  • Published research in The Journal of the Society of Integrative Oncology